Wednesday, November 3rd 2010
On Hiatus Till Further Notice. Sorry for any inconvenience!

+Further Assistance+

Absolutely can't wait until this site starts back up again? Hang at these hot spots!

 Missing HGSD/SSDS or the original LGRS? Don't fret, VC has it all! Proto has disbanded there, so you may be able to find him...


Need your daily dose of our #1 RPG, PSRD? The site still stands, but does the Roleplay? Check here to get updated!


No, you just want a good Pokemon site to chill at? Than there's Google! Just kidding, you might like PGEF...



Affiliates, you may unaffiliate with me and  members, you're more then welcome to delete your accounts. The hiatus can end at any time, but if your desperate to talk to me, you can always reach me at nejixavier@yahoo.com. This is Pokemon Nights, logging out...

====>Hope to See You Soon<====